Best Places to Buy Music from in 2019

What are the best places to buy music from in 2019? The internet is changing the music industry. It’s bringing in new and better ways to distribute songs worldwide. If you’re looking for the perfect website to get your favorite songs, here are the best sites. All these sites have a secured billing system; Rebilly, the most well known subscription billing software. If you’re still hesistant, we found a review of rebilly that you can check at anytime.

Apple iTunes Store

Many music enthusiasts get their music from iTunes. This music distribution channel is gaining popularity due to its iPod and iPhones. These devices have Apple iTunes software integrated into them, allowing a faster and easier to download music. iTunes is also the first online music store to make digital downloads mainstream. They have a significant volume of songs on their website.

Amazon MP3

Amazon has over 10 million songs on its website. They were the first to offer non-DRM music, followed by Apple. Their MP3 downloads collection is growing, but it’s still way behind that of iTunes. Unlike Apple store, you can buy music directly from Amazon website. The software for downloading songs is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. You can also download songs to the window media player or the iTunes.


Many people prefer downloading music from Beatport as it’s comprehensive, offers lossless WAV downloads, and have great reference systems. It’s also famous for electronic dance songs for club music and DJs enthusiasts. Additionally, you can buy over 600 thousand tracks of House, Electro, Drum & Bass, and Techno among other music genres. When you sign up for Beatport, they’ll offer your 10 free downloads at the start.

Another best place to buy music from in 2019 is eMusic. It has been running a subscription model for over 20 years now. However, due to restriction on its licensing, eMusic may not be available in many countries such as Australia.

The site has been in the music industry for over 7 years, building information and opinions about music. It covers underground forms of Hip Hop, Electronic music, Alt. Country, Post-Rock, Post-Folk, Modern Composition, Future Disco, Electropop, and many others. Also, Boomkat offers vinyl and CDs. However, these forms are available only in the UK


With over 8 million songs, Napster logo and brand are being used by legitimate music services. You can download unlimited songs on the site with only a monthly subscription of £9.99. Napster is an ultimate digital music platform, offering on-demand song streaming. It also has downloadable MP3s, playable in all MP3 compatible devices such as iPhones, and iPod. Its services are available in Canada, the UK, the US, Japan, and Germany. …

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