Why I Love Listening To Music

Most of the people all over the world are connected with music in some way. They either listen to their favorite song or attend the live concert of their favorite artists or play an instrument of their choice. However I love to listen to the music due to various reasons discussed briefly here under.

Music is my lifeline: The first and foremost reason of my listening to the music is that my life revolves around it as it fell safe and content while listening the music of my choice. I always remain with the music wherever I go or whatever I do. I always sing a song physically as well as mentally. Thus I am music and music is me, for me as I cannot survive without listening to music.

Music has proved to be life guard for me several times: I have experienced many times that my life was saved due to listening to the music. My habit to listen to the music has helped in managing the most difficult times of my life when I was surrounded by sorrows, sadness and pain. My music understands me much more than anyone else in my life. Even my family and friends failed to accompany in my hard times as my music has done. I first fell in love with music after listening to music in a restaurant that belonged to Dino.

I am able to find myself only due to my music: I was not happy with my life until I started to play violin in my school days. At that time I was bullied by my classmates for losing my first love in the school. However when I started to play violin and joined an orchestra my life became full of joy and happiness. I then started to feel that now everything will be better in my life with the help of my habit to listen to the music. My love to listen to the music inspired me to play music to forget what I have missed in my life.

I was able to express myself due to listening to the music: Earlier I was not able to express myself due to lack of communication skills. I was not able to tell people about my feelings when it was necessary. Now my habit to listen to the music has enabled me to sing a song to express my feeling whenever required. In this way, my love for listening to music has become a mean to express my feelings to others.

I escape reality with my music listening habit: Whenever I want to get away from some horrible situation I start listening to the music to go away from the reality. I turn on the music of my choice to help myself to get rid of my sadness, stresses and the feelings that make me mad. My love to listen to the music allows me to think of the things again after clearing up my mind. Thus my music is for me just like doing some other things like a long walk or workout for others in a stressful situation.

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