Music changed my life

Music is not just a means or a medium of entertainment. Its language is intelligible to all. You can choose any sort of music according to what state of mental conditions you are in. If you listen to music with focus, it’d bring immense benefits.

Music taught me how to enjoy things – In our day-to-day busy life, we tend to forget things that don’t carry much importance. However, as you keep on listening to music, you will learn to view everything in a positive way. When you listen to music by any artist, they help themselves in connecting with themselves.

Music destroyed my stress and – Listening to music I enjoyed a lot. It brought me a great amount of relaxation. Research shows that 60% of illnesses are because of stress. You can switch on the radio or your smart device, and say healthy and relax to bring you the healing effect.

It reduced my food intake – I used to listen to the soft music once I get back home from the workplace. I ate less amount of food.

Helped in memory and learning – Listening to music regularly helped learn better. As a professional, I need to remember as many hundred terminologies.

It told me about myself – Listening to music performed by different artists helped me realize about myself. After stopping for a while I realized where my intellect level was.

It gave me a sense of tolerance – It taught me that everyone is different yet we are all one. In life, we encounter people of diverse cultural, social, economic and educational background. Though I am not an enthusiast of any particular music, I listened to the flute played by a great exponent. I can enjoy any other music played by experts from across the world.

Thus, listening t music every day helped me

I got connected to the real world – Music roused my ambition to travel around the world. It made me interact with different people across the world. Though I stay in the United States, I developed a strong desire to travel countries of Asia like India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and so on. Music has helped me learn about other cultures and traditions in the world. I listen to different sorts of music. As I keep on listening to the music, it took me closer to the people of the world.

It taught me how to express myself – When you keep listening to any sort f music continuously for about 10 minutes or so, it will take you to a great state of relaxation. Music teaches us how to feel uncomfortable. To feel uncomfortable is right. This is because it gives you a chance to how you feel when you are not comfortable. Music will help you avoid the notion that discomfort is the reality of the world. You will learn how to face reality in life.

Whether you stay in the United States, Europe, Africa or Asia or any other part of the world, music will help you realize yourself. You cannot afford to ignore this thanks to its effective way of communication everyone can understand.

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